The following testimonials were all given with permission:

“It has been amazing to have such a safe and accepting space to have a cry and get some perspective. I can’t thank you enough for all your support, help and guidance!!” (Female, age 28)

“****** has become a lot calmer when in difficult situations at home. He is more able to listen and reason with in situations he doesn’t initially agree with.” (Parent of male child age 13)

“The methods given to help control my stress and anxiety helped a lot” (Male, age 20)

“Definitely calmer and more open to new suggestions. Feels more relaxed and less anxious – more settled. Confident now to tackle sleepovers.” (Parent of male child, age 9)

“Michele helped me understand and deal with the changes in my life and move forward” (Young person, age 13)

“I have liked playing with the sand. I found Michele to be amazing at helping me. I have felt supported through my troubles” (Young person, age 13)

Very friendly and easy to talk to. Very helpful and informative.” (Young person, age 16)

“It helped me focus on what will be, not what has been.” (Young person, age 16)

“Helped me to have a better perspective on things, such as tests. Be more reflective on how I have acted. Its good to sometimes just chat to someone and get things off my chest.” (Young person, age 16)

“Allowed me to truly understand my feelings on certain situations in my life. Has made me more thoughtful and patient. I think first now, then act.” (Young person, age 16)

“It has helped me feel less worried about things and has helped me fit in more and not be afraid to join in with others.” (Young person, age 11)

“It has been very useful and more insight into why I had previously not been coping with certain issues in my life.” (Young person, age 17)

“The strategies discussed were useful and without them I would be in a worse way.” (Young person, age 14)

“I am grateful to openly discuss concerns without worrying about upsetting others lives….helping me to ‘take a step back’ and evaluate with a clear mind.” (Young person, age 15)

In addition, during my time as a Bereavement Counsellor I was personally mentioned in anonymous feedback forms as “excellent….she got me talking which has made things easier” and “It was a huge relief to talk to someone who knew nothing about my circumstances, rather than talking to family and friends. It was good to offload and cry without feeling guilty”.

Some words and phrases used by counselling colleagues to describe me in feedback over the years are:

Professional               You’ve been an inspiration to me               Level headed            Strong

Hard working          Interested                Engaged                  Conscientious                Calm

Lovely person       Great Counsellor         She exudes warmth, compassion and friendliness

Capable and thoughtful              Lovely lady, very caring

Michele I’d like to thank you for always being genuine and happy

You throw yourself into things and go for it and that has really encouraged me to make more effort