Counselling available


After an initial telephone consultation we will arrange a first meeting. At this time, further information will be gathered through an assessment process and we will decide if we are able to work together. If I feel that your needs will be better met elsewhere, I will endeavour to refer you on to someone else.

If we are to begin working together we will agree a contract to ensure full clarity. We may also agree how many sessions we will begin with and when we will review. The therapy may be short term – 6 to 8 sessions, or long term with regular reviews. We will meet weekly and agree any holiday breaks in advance.

Children and young people

If the child is of primary/junior school age it is necessary for me to have parental consent to work with the young person.  I will arrange an assessment meeting with the parent/carer and we will agree a contract to ensure full clarity regarding the nature of how I will work with the child. We will agree how many sessions we will begin with and when we will have a review. The therapy may be short or long term and will take place on a ‘face to face’ in person, meeting. We will also agree an ending meeting.

If the young person is  in secondary school and considered Gillick competent (match the Fraser guidelines) then consent may not be necessary. Please see the following website for further information on this area

In most cases there will be an assessment with the parent/carer before meeting with the young person and the process which follows is the same as for working with a child.

All counselling sessions will take place weekly and we will agree any holiday breaks in advance.

On occasion, the platform ‘Zoom’ may be used for a counselling session if the young person is unable to attend in person. The appropriate use of this will be discussed on an individual basis and a contract agreed.


This will be discussed as part of the contract. Counselling with adults, children and young people is a confidential process. However, the limits to this within the law will be discussed and agreed and my client will be clear when confidentiality needs to be broken. Safety, particularly of the child is paramount.


I adhere to the “Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions” (BACP, 2018). In line with this and together with all BACP registered Counsellors, I receive regular supervision to ensure that I am able to offer the best possible service to my clients. This is a confidential process. My clients are never fully identified in order to retain anonymity.

The use of creative media

I have an integrative approach to therapy and embrace the use of creative media in my work with adults, children and young people.

I am able to offer the use of creative items and within our contract together, we will look at how we will keep the space and ourselves safe, and respect any equipment provided. I am able to provide a therapeutic box or folder to store any work completed during the sessions. This is stored securely by me and we will discuss at the end of our time together what you wish to do with your work.  Counselling is therefore used in conjunction with the media.

In this way and particularly in working  with children, I hope to provide the environment in which therapeutic change can occur.

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